Hotel Relations Specialist

Position: Sports Housing - Hotel Relations Specialist

Location: Louisville, KY

Reports To: Hotel Relations Manager and VP of Ops


Company Overview:
Team Travel Source is the new era in the sports housing industry! We are highly respected in the industry by hotels, CVBs and tournament directors. Our clients include USA Volleyball, USA Field Hockey, Varsity Spirit, multiple lacrosse tournament companies and many other sports-focused event producers. Our company consists of customer-focused, creative and motivated employees. We are in search of talented, dedicated and driven individuals to help fill positions in our growing company. We currently have two offices located in Louisville, KY and Millersville, MD.


Equal Employment Opportunities:

The Company provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, disability, or status as a special disabled veteran in accordance with applicable federal laws, or other human differences.

General Job Overview:

The primary job of the Hotel Relations Specialist is to work directly with the Hotel Relations Manager to oversee the on-line housing reservation portal, serve as the liaison between Team Travel Source and each hotel we contract with, and to  process all hotel reservations for assigned events.  The Hotel Relations Specialist is an integral part in making sure the attendees, the hotels and our partner clients are all taken care of and receiving excellent customer service.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Set up events in our on-line reservation portal.

  • Assist with keeping our on-line reservation portal up to date with hotels, dates, fees, events, cancel policies, etc. 

  • Consistently monitor inventory and alert the Account Manager when we need to increase or lower inventory for each hotel/event.

  • Consistently monitor inventory requests to contract additional inventory when needed.

  • Monitor and confirm wait listed reservations as inventory becomes available.

  • Keep very detailed information regarding rooming list due dates, reduction dates, etc. in our Operation Management System.

  • Make, edit and/or delete reservations as necessary.

  • Send reservations and rooming lists to hotels at cutoff date.

  • Request confirmation numbers for all reservations and ensure each reservation has a hotel assigned confirmation number by the required deadline.

  • Send out email communications to guests.

  • Answer phones to assist with all individual and partner needs as needed.

  • Other miscellaneous duties as needed.


Required Skills/Traits:

  • Strength in multi-tasking - Must be able to handle multiple partners, projects and tasks at once.

  • Detailed orientated - Requires proper tracking, note taking and reporting.

  • Strong organizational skills required.

  • Deadline driven – Must meet all deadlines and goals.

  • Ability to manage challenging situations, respond promptly to hotel needs, answers all requests in a timely manner and develop solutions to real-time problems.

  • Good communication skills - Must be a good communicator. The job requires consistent written and oral communication with hotel rooming list or sales contacts to keep them fully aware of inventory pickup, needs, special requests, concerns, etc.

  • Must be customer service orientated.

  • Must be a self-starter/independent worker.

  • Ability to balance individual and team responsibilities. Must be willing to show openness and acceptance to others, welcome feedback and support the company’s efforts to succeed as a whole.


Abilities and Experiences:

  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel is a must.

  • Degree in Hospitality, Business or Sport Management is preferred but not required.

  • Salary and benefits commensurate to education and experience.

  • This job may require a non-compete agreement to be signed as a condition of employment.

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     8:00 am – 6:00 pm E.S.T.

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