In an effort to keep you informed regarding the Coronavirus situation, we have created this page with the most up-to-date information.


All decisions regarding the cancellation of events will come directly from the event producer, as they are monitoring the situation and will advise us as necessary. We suggest following the specific event producer on their social media and/or website for updates.


Please note the following regarding cancellation fees for Team Travel Source:

  • We HIGHLY encourage guests to keep their hotel reservations until there has been official cancellation of the event.

  • Any cancellations made before the official cancellation by the event producer WILL incur any TTS cancellation fees.

  • If the event takes place and a guest personally decides not to attend and cancels their reservation, they WILL incur any TTS cancellation fees.

  • If an event is cancelled by the event producer, TTS will automatically cancel all reservations and WILL NOT charge the TTS cancellation fee for any reservations cancelled at that time.

  • If an event is cancelled by the event producer and you have made a reservation through TTS LIVE, we will work with the hotels to facilitate refunds, etc. These policies will be up to the hotel and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  TTS cannot guarantee refunds for these reservations.  

​The following events have officially been cancelled/rescheduled by the event producer:


  • Spirit Sports - Duel in the Desert - Palm Springs - 2/20/21 -  Now Virtual

  • Encore Championships - Las Vegas - 2/20/21 -  CANCELLED

  • American Cheer & Dance - Reach the Beach Rec & School National - Ocean City - 2/20/21 -  Moved to Richmond, VA - 2/27/21

  • NCA All Star National Championship - Dallas - 2/26/21 -  Now Virtual

  • American Cheer & Dance - Reach the Beach Dance Nationals - Ocean City - 2/27/21 -  Moved to Richmond, VA - 2/28/21

  • COA - Midwest National Championships - 2/27/21 -  Moved to Indianapolis, IN - 2/27/21

  • NCA High School Nationals - Moved to Fort Worth, TX - 3/5/21

  • GLCC - The Showdown - 3/6/21 -  Moved to Indianapolis, IN - 3/6/21

  • Spirit Festival - Providence, RI - 3/13/21 - Now Virtual

  • The U.S.Finals Virginia Beach -  Moved to Ocean City, MD - 5/1/21


  • KRVA - ​Capital City Freeze - Harrisburg, PA - MOVED TO Spooky Nook - Manheim, PA - 2/27/21

  • KRVA - ​Champions Cup - Harrisburg, PA - MOVED TO 4/10/21

  • Triangle Volleyball - City of Oaks - MOVED TO 5/1/21

Thank you for your understanding in this unprecedented situation.

Team Travel Source